Picture this…

You have a machine that scans your mind and creates the product you have been imagining.

Not only that, the product is better than you thought it would be. All the limiting factors are now gone. You walked into a machine and walked out with the ultimate version of your vision.

Yves is that machine.

The product my clients needed put together was… problematic to say the least. We weren’t even sure the idea was feasible.

We got on the phone with Yves and that product became a reality. He showed us hidden opportunities that could make it better and even created prototypes for further testing.

Yves isn’t cheap, but you get MORE than what you pay for and you’d be crazy not to invest in his services.

Daniel BechsgaardGrowth Strategist

Yves is my go to guy for turning Ideas in products.

Repeatedly I’ve worked with companies that have a concept but need someone to bring it to life and Yves has the Skills and experience to do that.

He also worked with the final goal in mind of mass production so we could scale and get our product into stores world wide.

On time reliable and so experienced he knows about factors you would not even consider.

If you have a great idea and are looking for someone to turn it into a real mass produced product Yves is THE guy.

Daniel Harbuz

When I first decided to bring my inventions into the market, my biggest problem was to find someone who would understand my ideas and bring them together into an actual product, regardless of me having no technical skills to achieve that.

Unlike most freelancers out there that misunderstand the requirements or take lots of iterations, Yves most valuable skill for me was asking the right questions and got my point quickly, while his design team was helpful with advising me on the possible solutions and did an great job creating the perfect product I was dreaming of.

I’ll be looking forward to solicitate him again in the future, and can only encourage anyone that has invention ideas in mind but hesitates about bringing them out to work with him!

Jester SchilderFounder / Managing Director

Yves is a very good industrial engineer with a variety of complementing skills and talents that made him a big contributor during the early stages of my startup – both on the product development as well as on the marketing and content creation side.

Who would have thought that an industrial engineer turns out to be a composer and a video blogger.

He is also a very good team player – people came from all over the world and he fit himself right in and it was a breeze working through the plentiful problems we had with the initial concept of a design towards something that is now ready to give to the tool makers for finalization.

Well done, Yves! And plenty of fun and success in the projects to come!

Stefan DenkFounder, Lucksmith

Highly skilled, creative in hi approach, enthusiastic about projects. I’d love to work with Yves again, and highly recommend!

Marla BlowFounder, Mendeous products

Consummate professional. Courteous, patient and thorough. We look forward to working together again.

Elizabeth PageOwner, Equinexus LLC

Great agency. Worked with us through a few iterations to get it right. Will definitely work with in the future.

Robert SanbergCEO, Windrider

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