Volvo XC90 Excellence

Volvo XC90 LED Headlight

In 2015 Volvo aimed to release their first LED headlight, a major breakthrough in their product line.

Valeo was chosen as a supplier and I took part in the manufactring design.

The task was:
  • Implement the optical and styling surfaces onto the manufacturing part

  • Ensure that the design matches all of the many requirements

  • Validate assembly and functionality in prototype

Unique solution:

It can be difficult to grasp the amount of requirements that modern automotive headlights have to follow until one gets confronted to it.

On top of the general product constraints such as process; manufacturing, assembly, styling and such, this major feature part are also required to conform to the following:

-Optical: The beam is very directional and the focusing has to be very precise.
-Vibration: For this reason, the whole part must remain stiff regardless of the moving parts
-Sunburn: The Polycarbonate lens can, under certain sun exposure burn the internals. Such occurrence has to be checked and avoided
-Safety: For being in the frontal position, it’s often subject to pedestrian impact requirements
-Heat Management: LED and controller will heat up when on and can lose performance if that heat is not managed properly

All of these points were validated thanks to the tight collaboration with the specialized services in house, leaving me with a very tight room to work with, but eventually just enough to make it work.


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