NFC E-Paper Tag

RFID tags with fully graphic E-Paper screens allow effortless tracking and display of  virtually any type of information including 2D/3D barcodes

The hardware technology was on point at this stage but the plastic enclosure was left to do.

The task was:
  • Define the best way to create a housing in the sleekest, tightest way while remaining serviceable and waterproof

  • Design the part around the existing packaging

  • Prototype and test

Unique solution:

The industrial requirements of the product meant that the case had to be waterproof and shockproof.

The glass screen being very brittle, it needed a proper, shock absorbing and of course the electronics had to be kept away from moisture.

These 2 constraints came along well for this concept, as a TPE rubber lining got chosen to achieve both, on top of covering the internals as well.

This lining would act as a cushion for the screen, and also as a seal around the edges of the shell.

The whole part being held together simply by latches for easy assembly and disassembly.

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