Ford Automotive Alternators

Automotive alternators are rather interesting pieces of engineering; the technology has been around for a long time now but car manufacturers are always looking for lighter, more efficient, and smaller packaging; forcing the suppliers to always find new ways to improve their products.

I was in charge of helping with the manufacturing part of the design

The task was:
  • Implement the customer’s specific fixation and packaging requirements to the standard elements

  • Create custom plastic caps

  • Test and validate manufacturing requirements

Unique solution:

One of the scope of this project was to add a smooth surface for an automated roller to apply a label on.

Which became a problem as the water draining holes would become obstructed by that feature.

However, thanks to smart redesigning and thorough verification, the solution was there and working.

Using FEA to validate the cap stiffness against the pressing roller action

New!!! Click here to see a neat 3D view of the actual part.

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